Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Portugal in New Delhi. In this website, we provide detailed information regarding our country, as well as all the necessary contacts in case, for any reason, you require this Embassy's assistance. 

The ties that link Portugal to India are very old and have intensified in recent years. The number of Indian citizens visiting Portugal as well as the number of Portuguese choosing India as a holiday destination has been growing steadily and the trade and investment flow between the two countries has also increased significantly. 

In addition to an excellent political relationship, based on sharing of fundamental values, adds, therefore, a potential for development that must be explored in all its aspects, for our common benefit. This is the aim of this Embassy, which we seek to achieve in our daily activities and for which we also count on your contribution, whether you are of Portuguese or Indian nationality.  Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Carlos Pereira Marques 

Ambassador of Portugal 

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